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The Oshkosh Chamber’s economic development department is here to assist you with all of your economic development needs. The Oshkosh Chamber’s economic development team can assist you with site selection, business financing options, business counseling, demographic information, and access to workforce and jobs training programs. The Oshkosh Chamber works with businesses of any size and in any industry.

If you would like more information on the City of Oshkosh or Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce services please visit the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce Website HERE

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This building and sites database is to allow you to search for available properties in the Oshkosh area. Please contact the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce at (920)303-2266 or with any questions, further assistance viewing the properties or for other available programs.


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The Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce economic development department  offers free and confidential business assistance for those in the Oshkosh area or those seeking to do business here. We also offer financial packaging, site planning, and workforce development. Please contact the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce  at (920) 303-2266 or with inquiries.